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Sebastian Name: Meaning, Origin, History & Popularity

Among the names of today’s boys, Sebastian is a polished pick, standing out for his posh feel and considerable height. Male monikers are usually shorter in length and syllables, but like Maximilian, Benjamin, and Christopher, Sebastian dares to be different. Similar to Silas, Samuel, and Seth, he’s also a shocking S name pick.

Sebastian name meaning that, depending on his use, wears many hats, varying from heavy to delicate. He’s the right name for an artist, but a strong politician might just as easily blend in. He’s flexible as debonair may but still be, gaining extra praise for his use. Though solid and bold, sebas tian has an array of nicknames to help temper his heaviness for use earlier in life, from the short Bast and Seb to the longer Bastian.

Notably, Sebastian name meaning, was the name of a Christian martyr that the Catholic Church went on to give him holiness. Saint Sebastian was thought to shield those who worshipped him from the plague in Medieval times. Due to this sudden fascination, his likeness can be seen in Medieval paintings.

Boy name ‘Sebastian’ Meanings

Sebas tian is a historically masculine name meaning ‘venerable’ or ‘revered’ with Greek and Latin origins. Jasper, Oliver, Theodore, Felix, Atticus, Leo, Nathaniel, and Milo all seem to like parents that love the name Sebas tian, all names that have been around for a while but still have a new, interesting sound that still makes them modern.

St. Sebastian was a legendary martyr of the 3rd century and the soldiers’ patron saint.
In Shakespeare’s plays, Sebas tian also appears; he is the character of the twin brother of Viola in ‘Twelfth Night,’ also named ‘What You Will,’ and is Alonso’s brother in ‘The Tempest.’ And, of course, in Disney’s 1989 cartoon, The Little Mermaid, he’s a much-loved singing crab.

Composer Johann Sebas tian Bach, composer, athlete / Member of the British Parliament Sebastian Coe, author Sebas tian Faulks, and actor Sebastian Cabot are prominent Sebastians.

Boy name variations

  • Sebastien
  • Bastien
  • Bastian
  • Sebestyén

Family names and it Origins & Meanings

• German, Spanish (Sebas tian), and Southern French (Sebastian): from Sebastian’s personal name, Latin Sebas tian. This was originally an ethnic name meaning ‘man from Sebastia,’ a town in Pontus called ‘revered’ from Greek sebastos (the Greek equivalent of Augustus). Often this surname is also born of Jews, probably as an adoption of the German surname.

What does Sebastian name meaning?

From the Latin for “revered” or “venerable.” St. Sebas tian was a martyr and, during the middle ages and crusades, his reputation gained fame. Well-known Sebastians: Johann Sebas tian Bach, in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the crab character.

Famous people who gave their babies this name and get Popularity world-widely

According to 2018 Social Security Administration results, Sebas tian is the 18th most common name for boys in the US. Over the last two decades, Sebas tian has been reliably famous and recently broke into the top 20 baby names in 2018. Since 2013, it has been in the top 50 names and, since 2000, in the top 100 names.

In the last five years, Sebastian has been at its height of success in July 2015, according to Google search data review. Sebas tian name meaning is a vintage name for kids that has recently made a comeback in the last two decades.

It is at its highest success, despite having a rich past, leading the charts at position 18. Its success today may be attributed in part to celebrities, including James Spader, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kim Fields, who choose it for their sons. It is generally identified with the favorite character from The Little Mermaid by many people.

Sebastian name meaning & History

From Sebastianus’ Latin name, which means “from Sebaste.” Sebaste was the name of a town in Asia Minor, its name originating from the Greek meaning “venerable” (sebastos) (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors). Saint Sebastian was, according to Christian tradition, a Roman soldier from the 3rd century who was martyred during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian.

He was bound to a stake and shot with arrows when he was found to be a Christian. This did not kill him, however. He was forgiven by Saint Irene of Rome and he returned to publicly admonish Diocletian, in which he was beaten to death by the emperor.

The name came into common use in medieval Europe, especially in Spain and France, owing to the prominence of the saint. It was also born of a king of Portugal in the 16th century who died in a crusade against Morocco.

Whose names are Sebastian’s diminutives?

You may even like these names that sound like Sebas tian, but shorter. A diminutive is a word that sounds like Sebastian.


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