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Top 15 Long Lasting Blue Hair Dye for Dark Hairs

Best Blue hair dyes are the various versatile colors in society. Often, it works as a head-turner due to its vibrancy. If you are worried among many shades of blue to color your locks, you have got it to the best place. I have found a list of brands that offer the best looking colors of the best blue hair dye brands for dark hair brands to suit your desire. Keep reading and take the one that makes your eye.

Today, blue is more of the most demanding hair shades among youths, particularly girls, thanks to all the pop stars who performed this initial step. Thus, you require having that exact and best blue hair dye to obtain your desired and accurate hairs. Best best dark blue hair dye.

Therefore, have a nice look at this article and read keenly to see all the information related to your best blue hair dye permanent. Long lasting blue hair dye supports you in having a reasonable opinion about your hair color and its applications.

Best blue hair dye permanent

  1. Soft on hair
  2. Great texture
  3. Appears not to drip
  4. Long-lasting intensity
  5. Delightful fragrance
  6. Shades can be mixed and diluted to produce custom colors
  7. Not examined on animals
  8. Extremely pigmented
  9. Long-lasting effects
  10. A little result goes a long way
  11. Excellent balance
  12. Proper for many use
  13. Shades can be mixed and diluted
  14. Deeply pigmented
  15. Simple to use
  16. Color dissolves easily
  17. Pocket-friendly
  18. Smoothens dried arrangements
  19. Excellent for mixing and mixing colors to customize tones
  20. High density
  21. Recommended by styling specialists
  22. Allows a wide variety of shades
  23. Situations dry locks
  24. A few products goes a great approach
  25. Includes safe ingredients
  26. Budget favourable

15 Best Blue Hair Color Products – 2020

Here is the list best blue hair dye permanent. These are the long lasting blue hair dyefor dark hair, blue hair dye brands for best dark blue hair dye long lasting blue hair dye.

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair best blue hair Dye


Arctic Fox has impressive of the most vibrating collection. It is high pigmenting features. Its hair shades are also free of hard chemicals that could harm your tresses. It has conditioning qualities that can hydrate your locks. It requires adding shine plus vibrancy to your hair. This best dark blue hair dye brands also provides 15% of its profits to animal health companies. Currently, this brand has two tons of blue.

Sapphire Semi-Permanent Hair Color- best dark blue hair dye


This result is their most reliable bet for these who want a vibrant and intense sapphire hair color. It begins with no ammonia or peroxide components, making it among the most reliable and more comfortable to apply. This result is identified as semi-permanent, suggesting it will last several months before it wants to be reapplied. This durable appearance design makes it perfect for those who need to make sapphire blue their hair color of choice for an extensive period. Best best darkblue hair dye for dark hair.

Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color- best dark blue hair dye


Sparks Long-Lasting Bright Hair Color is a vital dye that has a wide variety of vibrant colors. It modifies your hair as it colors, giving your hair looking healthy and radiant. It claims to add vibrancy and shine to your hair. It additionally has long-lasting colors. Sparks appears in three popular shades of blue.

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream- best dark blue hair dye


Gwen Stefani has donned Manic Panic Blue on the red carpet. It is one of the most excellent brands for hair colors. The bright colors allowed by this blue hair dye brands are semi-permanent. It has a variety of vegan shakes that are cruelty-free. Additionally, it has conditioning features that assist in smoothening dry periods. However, the lighter shades need to be implemented on bleached hair for more reliable results. It offers seven tones of blue.

Jerome Russell Punky Color- best dark blue hair dye


Jerome Russell is a world-renowned result that has 30 years of knowledge in creating hair shades. It is acid-free and includes high-quality elements. It has a different coloring method that goes easy on your hair. It offers many lucid blue tones.

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color- best dark blue hair dye


Adore is a different yet promising result in the hair dye application. It requires infusing every strand with vibrant and comfortable colors that are free of ammonia plus alcohol. Besides coloring, it combines shine and health your hair, giving it a fluffy texture. This coloring result comes in three beautiful shades of blue.

Joico Vero K-Pak Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Joico is an award-winning brand that gives a color of high-fashion colors. This deeply concentrated and intensely pigmented hair dye is intended to give you bright and gleaming hair shade. It is made of an inter-mixable method that can be utilized directly to your hair externally by a developer. It claims to add a glossy shine to your hair, giving it a healthy appearance. 

Splat Rebellious Semi-Permanent Fantasy Complete Hair Color


Splat begins with a kit that includes everything you need for coloring your hair. It has a full range of colors that can last up to 30 washes. It requires suiting the particular hair needs of every client. This hair color gives you healthy and shining hair. It guarantees to improve the surface of your hair with every application. This product appears in four distinctive tones of blue.

 Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color appears best dark in vibrant rainbow colors that are individual and perky. This semi-permanent hair coloring does not need a developer or a toner. It requires washing out beautifully and agrees to give you healthy and vibrant locks. The hair shades are made of a damage-free method, so your hairs are in safe hands. Best blue hair dye for dark hair.

Special Effects Semi-Permanent Intense Hair Color


This avant-garde hair dye brand has unique punky colors that are very attractive. Besides coloring, it claims to modify your hair and lasts up to 3 to 6 weeks. All the results are cruelty-free and vegan. The colors give your hair looking energetic and illuminated. It appears in an array of 6 tons of blue.

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color- long lasting blue hair dye


Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Hair Color  best dark provides you healthy and vibrant hair that continues for higher than 15 washes. It appears with a brush for easy use. Its direct dye method does not need mixing before and is convenient to apply at home. People with generally light hair do not require bleaching their hair before applying this hair color. The shade Indigo color looks greatest on light blond hair.

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream- long lasting blue hair dye


Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream has 41 various shades that present your hair natural, lively, and vibrant appearance. This is a top-rated hair dye that does not get out even in 3-6 hair washes. Best blue hair dye for dark hair.

Aloxxi Chroma Creme Colour- best dark blue hair dye

Aloxxi Chroma Creme Colour- best dark blue hair dye

Aloxxi Chroma is the best blue hair dye company that isn’t as talked about as much as various other big name dealers. Like many different hair dyes, this one is comparatively easy to use. Wash it into your hair in the shower sometimes, and it should be ready to go. Best blue hair dye for dark hair.

Midnight Blue Black Permanent Creme Hair Color

Midnight Blue Black Permanent Creme Hair Color

Midnight Blue dye is an excellent option. It has been enriched with many natural items, including Pequi, including Argan oil.

These elements help give your hair a revitalizing boost that will look great long through your initial dye.

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color + Shine System


L’Oreal right is often successful with those who want a more modern color style.

This unique product uses a light-reflecting color gel that forms one of the most expensive and most luxuriant shines on the market.

It also appears with a Care Supreme conditioner that, when used to your hair daily, retains the first-day color style that helps make your dye look smoother for a longer duration. Best blue hair dye for dark hair.

These are the best blue hair dye permanent and long lasting blue hair dye.

5 Tips for keeping the best blue hair dye permanent.

Now that you should a pretty good idea of blue hair dye brands you want to buy, you also must know how to develop long-lasting hair color and the best dark blue hair dye.

While the colors mentioned above should last many days or more when used, there are steps that you can increase their lifespan.

These points are simple for anyone to complete and rarely need any expert help. 

Make sure to start them out before, during, and after your hair dyeing practice.

1. Avoid Any Flame Method
2. Handle Your Hair Well
3. Apply the Right Shampoos
4. Mix Any Dye With Your Conditioner
5. Re-Dye If You Can

How to Dye Your Hair Blue At Home

1. Begin By a Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo excludes the previous hair dye as substantial as built-up excess from your hair. 

2. Bleach Your Hair (Just For Dark Hair)

To obtain the desired blue color of your choice, bleach your hair. This step is relevant only if your hair is dark.

3. Put On Gloves And A Cape 

That will prevent staining. Also, use petroleum jelly throughout your hairline to avoid coloring your skin.

4. Mix The Dye

Use a pot and a brush to blend all the hair color ingredients.

5. Application

Separate your hair into sections and adjust them with clips. Begin with the bottom layer. Use your fingers to get the value to stick on each coast.

6. Let It Sit

Leave the color in your hair for the directed amount of time.

7. Rinse Out

Use lukewarm water to wash out the dye. This assists in keeping the color intact.

Go hair crazy with feisty blue colors by choosing the ideal product from this list. 


These are the best blue hair dye permanent and long lasting blue hair dye. Each in all; the blue hair dye brands mentioned above have made with such a formulation to last great in your hair and help you enjoy your most suitable hair color for a longer time. You can choose your best blue hair dye from the high list and enjoy your new and charming look to attract observation best dark.



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