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Best 10 Haircuts & Hairstyles for Square Faces In 2021

You’re in luck if you’re hunting for hairstyles for square faces that flatter square face forms. With hairstyles for square faces or haircuts for square faces, you’re in good company among celebrities, as Zoé Kravitz, Margot Robbie, and Zendaya all have it. In this article, you will find the best hairstyles for square faces and haircuts for square faces in 2021.

Your sharp square jaw would look on target with a well-chosen theme. The trick is to go with the polar opposite of your face shape: while rounder faces look great with blunt cuts, square faces look great with rounded layers, smooth fringing, and plenty of texture.

If you are looking for hairstyles for square faces or haircuts for square faces, feathered layers are perfect for simulating a more oval face shape which can be more attractive on the face,’ says Sam Burnett, Creative Director and Designer of Hare and Bone and member of the KMS Style Council. ‘Square forms are often reduced by parting the hair on the foot.’

Is it true that I have a square face?

First and foremost, let’s make certain that this guide hairstyles for square faces are appropriate for you. Your eyebrows, cheekbones, and chin would all be the same width if you have a Square face outline, which is defined by a stronger, more square jaw line.

When you look at your face straight in the eyes, the sides of your nose, cheekbones, and square jaw line curl should form an abstract square.

Hairstyles for square faces and short hair

Hairstyles for Square Faces

‘Face shape isn’t important for short hairstyles for square faces or haircuts for square faces, but layering has an effect on the shape,’ Sam explains. ‘For eg, round faces should use square layers, and square face forms should use square layers.’ A short style on a square face can be flattering, as shown by celebrities like Zoe Kravitz in our gallery of square-faced celebrities.

Olivia Wilde, on the other hand, is the queen of the square-faced lob, always sporting a waved look or a half-up ‘do. Jennifer Hudson, Zoe Kravitz, and Olivia Wilde are some of the celebrities who have influenced me.

Hairstyles for square faces and medium length hair

Hairstyles for square faces and medium length hair

Sam advises, ‘Medium length hair looks fantastic when it’s well-maintained.’ ‘If a person’s hair is susceptible to frizz, they should wear it on the longer side of medium.’ The more controllable your hair is, the longer and thicker it is.’

If you’ve determined that you have a square face, go straight to the salon for our best celebrity hairstyles for square faces for medium-length hair. Margot Robbie and Natalie Portman are two celebrities who have influenced me.

Hairstyles with long hair on square faces

Hairstyles with long hair on square faces

‘When it comes to long hair, the most important thing to note is that it has to look good,’ says Sam. ‘Having long, unhealthy hair is pointless since the duration would still be determined by the disease.’ Straight locks aren’t for everybody, but Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum both wear them regularly.

For more ideas, check out our roundup of the best long hairstyles or haircuts for square faces. Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Heidi Klum are some of the celebrities who have influenced me.

Hairstyles with bangs and square faces

When it comes to bangs on a square face, use smoother, feathered layering to smooth the square jaw. Using even shorter layers across the brow can serve to contour and round out the face a little more. Jennifer Hudson, who has short hair, opts for a feathered fringe, while Heidi Klum frames her face with side bangs. Heidi Klum and Jennifer Hudson are two celebrities who have influenced me.

Hairstyles with fine hair and square faces

The texture is a simple way to make smoother hair look fuller and bouncier. We don’t have to remind you why curly hair looks fuller than straight hair, do we? ‘If you have good hair, keep layers longer because over-layering will make your hair look thinner and sparser,’ Sam suggests.

In our collection of the best hairstyles for fine hair, you’ll find a variety of options. Natalie Portman is a celebrity who has inspired me.

Hairstyles with curly hair and square faces


square jaw

Longer, rounded layers look great on thicker hair, and curly or swept patterns are perfect for adding length and dimension around the face. Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson, and Salma Hayek are some of the celebrities who have influenced me.

Hairstyles with curly hair on square faces

If you have naturally curly hair and a square face shape, there’s good news: if that’s your target, a curly texture will help smooth an angular face shape. Embrace the natural texture or use a tong or wand to add waves and curls.

Still on the fence about which face shape is best for you? Scroll down to see the latest celebrity hairstyles with square faces from the A-listers who know what they’re doing.

Texture of Waves

Actress Rosario Dawson flaunts her just-below-the-collarbone cut in waves, a classic square-faced charm. Her square jaw line is softened by this look. If you have any natural curls or waves, leave them alone—it will smooth your sharp features.

Follow Vaccaro’s instructions to get a comparable amount of volume in your hair: “When I use Glamsquad’s Full Effect Volumizing Mousse ($28), I make my clients turn their hair upside down and dry their roots in opposite directions for maximum volume. To make loose, bouncy waves, I finish with a 1.5-inch wide barrel curling iron.”

Shoulder-Length Texture

Gwyneth Paltrow looks her best when her hair is flat-ironed and long like she is here. Her hair has a certain effect, which she achieves by parting it in the middle and flat-ironing it, which masks the rough edges of her square jaw while highlighting her incredible cheekbones.

Take note of how she parted her hair straight down the middle, creating a chic look out of what should have been a bland look. If you go for this look, make sure there are only a few long layers to allow for movement.

Bob’s hair 

Long bobs, as long as they’re soft and layered, look amazing on a square face. A sharp, blunt bob that reaches right at your chin is best avoided; it will just accentuate your mouth, giving you a boxy look. The long bob is ideal for anyone with the square face of actress Keira Knightley. This cut elongates her face while also maintaining a good finish.

Bob Long 

To get the look of actress Gabrielle Union, Vaccaro recommends having the hair shaved with a razor. “I prefer to use the razor to soften the ends and build layers of straight to wavy hair. This maintains the naturalness of the lines and eliminates any weight or bluntness that brings attention to the jaw.”

Shoulder-Length Feathered

Mandy Moore has an especially flattering hairstyle here, with long layers that start just below her chin and finish at her shoulders. “Long hair draws attention away from the jawline and toward the end of the hair,” Vaccaro observes.

Pixie Texture

Look no further than the queen of the pixie herself, Zo Kravitz, for proof of how flattering this cut can be. “The textured pixie,” says Hoey, “is a short, choppy cut that hugs the head shape and provides a soft youthful look.”

“This haircut softens the edges of the jaw, draws attention to the eyes, and adds height and movement. This cut is better as it starts at one inch in the nape and eventually lengthens to three to five inches in the crown and bangs.”

Side Part of Drama

Zendaya’s hairstyle is stunning, with a deep side section, plenty of glitters, and all the volume swept to one side. People with square faces, unlike women with long faces, who can’t get away with long hair as easily, look stunning with this length.

When it comes to a square face, volume is crucial. “That’s why, instead of using a flat iron, I like to use a curling iron to make bouncy waves,” says Vaccaro. “To soften the wave shape, curl in opposite directions and finish with Glamsquad’s Untamed Texturizing Finishing Spray ($27) for a day-two texture.”

Bang Wavy

Olivia Wilde’s square jawline is softened by her side-swept bangs, and her long locks complete the theme. She seems to be perfectly healthy, and her makeup is flawless. Since the texture is so important in this look, make sure to use a good shine mist.


A square face is often enhanced by long layers. They look good with side-swept bangs. Maria Shriver (another classic square) has the right look: Her layers start at the jawline and work their way down. “Textured layers can be styled in a variety of ways, from smooth to curly to beach waves,” says Hoey.

“Start with a heat protectant and keep spray for beach waves on dry hair. Wrap hair vertically around a curling wand away from the face, working from the front hairline to the back. Break up the waves with a wide-tooth comb and a texturizing spray for a long-lasting look.” The bouncier the wave, the more hair wrapped around the curling iron.

Bangs Mid-Length

This look, as seen on actress Kerry Washington, is iconic to the heart. “It’s a soft look with the everlasting appeal,” Vaccaro says. “Side-swept bangs smooth the jawline, and the length just over the bust allows for a variety of hairstyles.”

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