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Best Basement Toilets that Flush Up & Pump Up Toilets

A new bathroom means a new unit with Saniflo. The Saniflo Toilet is one of the most versatile, inexpensive, and straightforward up flush toilet units on the market, suitable for nearly all installations and ideal for a wide range of uses. Saniflo has a product for you whether you’re looking to install a new basement toilet or transform a half-bathroom into a full bathroom, complete with a tub, sink, and toilet kit.

Even without the help of a plumber, the Saniflo toilet is a welcome addition to the world of upflush toilets in general and is an exciting improvement to your home, workplace, or a rental room. Robust, built to last, and simple to install. If you want to install a flush, sink, and macerator pump up basement toilet system, you can use the creative items from Saniflo. The other choice can be a pupmup toilet.

Saniflo’s state-of-the-art macerating toilets and pumps can be enjoyed in your new home. As their “footprint” is very small, it is no problem to switch these units to another position. You can take it out with ease and move it, leaving only four small holes. You can then take your investment to your new house in your basement toilet. Plus, in your new home, you will enjoy the state-of-the-art macerating toilets for the basement and pumpup toilets of Saniflo.

Toilets That Flush Up

Here is the list of best basement toilets that flush up and pump up toilets. try these toilets for basement and upflush toilet system. Best flushup toilets and upflush toliets.

Following is the list of 10 pumps up toilets :

1. Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

By just looking at it, you can’t identify an upflush toilet, and this can be a positive thing. Upflush toilets, after all, mix your waste right in your bathroom right there. That’s not an image that anyone would like to imagine. Within the tank, it can even get pretty smelly, but it’s always scent-sealed. However, Liberty upflush toilets are EPA compliant.

This one uses 1.28 GPF, so for California and other low-water states, it is appropriate. This is a comprehensive device. There is a bucket for the toilet, a toilet seat, a macerator, and ventilation tubes. It uses a battery that is provided in the box that is rechargeable. Basement toilets that flush up are also being used.

  1. For improved grinding, the macerator has proprietary RazorCut technology.
  2. It has a service panel that is easy during maintenance to delete.
  3. It comes with a bathroom bowl and a bench for the toilet.

2. Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Upflush Toilet 

basement toilets that flush up

The 023 Compact from SaniFlo is a simple, cost-effective way to provide these much-needed additional bathrooms. Whether it is a broom closet or a cordoned-off corner of the hallway, you can fit it into any room. You don’t need any plumbing before-the that’s the whole idea. The bowl, cistern, and macerator pumpup toilet of the SaniFlo compact are all housed in the same skirt foundation. Basement toilets that flushup are way too different. You can connect it to a sink safely and separately release both sources. The gray water from the sink is disposed of separately from the double flushing of toilet waste. 

  1. Horizontally and 9 feet up, it will drive waste up to 100 feet.
  2. On the same spindle, the impeller blade and macerator blade rotate simultaneously, offering improved flushing performance.
  3. Using 1 gallon of soft liquid flush and 1.28 gallons of hard solid flush is great for water conservation.

3. SaniFlo SaniPlus Two-Piece Flushup Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

In basements 15 feet below your sewers and horizontal lengths up to 150 feet away from a septic tank, SaniPlus toilets can be installed. In order to run your SaniPlus, you need electricity and can connect a shower, tub, or sink to your drainage system without diluting your waste pump. Toilets for basement are in demand these days.

To avoid overflowing, SaniPlus uses a pressure pump that starts and stops automatically. Constantly, the macerating blades are submerged and coated in possible corrosive waste. At 10 PSI, the SaniPlus pumps and uses 1.6 GPF, rendering it unfit for California or Colorado. It can force waste 12 feet up or 150 feet sideways, making it suitable for any part of the building. This toilet is aesthetically pleasing. It even disposes of greywater because it’s a toilet with dual purposes.

4. Jabsco Electric Marine Macerator flushup Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

Toilets that flushup are very useful. Generally, marine toilets have a hull holding tank, which is emptied when they reach port. You can drain the toilet into your standard sewer or septic tank for domestic use. However, the pump only drives waste 1 m further, so be careful where you mount it. Underground sites will not work.

For pumping, the toilet uses 12v, and its pump capacity is very high. But consider replacing it with a manual flushing machine if your electrical supply is shaky. On vessels, the toilet takes water from the sea and uses it to flush. This, too, is different from basement toilets that flush up.

5. Lift Assure American Macerating Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

Other than toilets for the basement or the toilets that flushup , there are Lift Assure American Macerating Toilet. A toilet tank, macerator, toilet seat, screws, nuts, washers, and toilet valves compose the complete package. It takes 120V to operate the macerator pumpup toilet, so you need to plug it into a wall outlet.

The toilet has three inlet ports, so you can connect it to a bathroom, sink, and bathtub or shower at the same time. An additional safety precaution is its soft-closing lid. When it slams shut, it stops you from banging your fingers (or smashing the lid). You may opt for a model that is round or elongated. 

  1. It has additional impeller blades with anti-clogging.
  2. This is a fast toilet, capable of pumping 3.85 GPM.

6. Bathroom Anywhere Bisque Macerating Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

It’s a conservative toilet with WaterSense that uses 1.28 GPF only. For consumers of all ages and abilities, its universal height is convenient. The cistern and pump are not, although the toilet seat and mounting hardware are included. They add quite a bit to your budget, so don’t forget to take them into consideration. The toilet seat has a built-in soft-closing hinge to keep your fingers secure. Power is used by the macerator pump, so it’s quieter than many rivals. It sounds like a normal toilet that is non-electric.

7. Zoeller Ultima Elongated Upflush Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

The Qwik Jon has a mini grinder pump instead of a fully-sized macerator. This pump is made of thermoplastic, so it is corrosion-resistant. The grinder is built of stainless steel 404 and is cut 250,000 times per minute. It swims in oil with its ball bearings, and its shaft is coated with ceramic carbon.

By spinning the vortex impellers at high speeds, the pump operates. At temperatures of up to 130°F, it continues to run. The 202 (which has a bathroom, tank, and pump) and 203 (no toilet, only the pump and the tank) are the most common models. For other brands, 203 is compliant.

8. IntelFlo 600 Watt Dual Flush Macerator

basement toilets that flush up

This one-piece upflush toilet takes up minimal space, so under the stairs, you can tuck it into attic nooks or niches. It can be pumped 20 feet high and 160 feet across, considering its small scale. It’s just under 60 pounds, and it’s between 4 and 5 HP. For 11 years, the pump has been prodded and refined to eradicate all kinks.

  1. The flushing mechanism is built-in, so a cistern is not necessary.
  2. For easier maintenance, it has a lovely curvy form and skirted bottom.

9. Thetford Marine Nano Eco Macerating Toilet


Marine toilets are built to function without sewage systems, making them suitable toilets for basement homes and ‘non-bathroom’ toilets. The Tecma Nano electric model from Thetford is a compact turbo toilet that stands just 11.6 inches tall, making it the smallest toilet on the market. What directs flush-water into the toilet is your intake. A pressure system or raw water system may be purchased. The inlet is a narrow 0.75 inch, but its outlet is wider than most flushup toilets at 1.5 inches.

10. Five Oceans TMC Marine Macerating Toilet

basement toilets that flush up

At just 33 pounds, it’s an incredibly lightweight toilet and stands 13 inches long. It’s a great round seat with a diameter of 17.5 inches and a slow-closing toilet. To avoid slamming on choppy seas, this is important. But when you mount it at home, it can also secure your fingers and other parts of the body. Click the button to flush the toilet and start the macerator.

Toilets that flush up are good. The toilet bowl is made of China and has automatic pre-wetting so that a lot of maintenance is not needed. At sea, it is advisable to position the toilet 25 inches above the surface of the water. The upflush pump, which means at home, can only push waste 2 feet high.

  1. Its unique shape offers an unexpected style for your bathroom.
  2. For kids and height-impaired users, its low height is appropriate.
  3. It has a built-in battery, so it can operate without power for short periods.


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