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3 Voice Assistant Compatible Smart Doorbells

It’s the era of Smart Devices. One that has made home automation easier and less expensive than before. There are so many Smart Devices out there; From Smart Lights to Smart Thermostats, Smart Sprinklers to Smart Garage Doors – and then there is a whole other category for Smart Kitchen Appliances too! You have the Smart Ovens, Smart Refrigerators, Smart Coffeemakers, etc.

The thing about Smart Devices is that they can be controlled wirelessly and remotely – and basically from your phones. You could be miles away in a whole other city and still have access to them. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it also depends on the features they include because different companies and models include different features in their devices. Other than featuring control access through mobile phones and tablets, these devices connect to the home Wi-Fi network. That’s how the technology works.

There is one smart device that you didn’t know you needed – Smart Doorbells. As if the video intercom wasn’t enough, right? But really, this device is one that you’ll definitely want; that video intercom can’t beat this. Smart Video Doorbells provide you with an HD quality clear video feed straight from your mobile phones or tablets or any other compatible smart device – that includes smart refrigerators too. There are also video doorbells that work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart speakers and voice assistants.

So how do they work? Here are a few Smart Doorbells that are Voice Assistant compatible, and a brief description of how they work.

  1. Google Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is a great Smart Doorbell to install at your door. It provides a 24/7 video stream in HD, with a complete head-to-toe view of whoever is at the door and supports two-way audio as well. What’s smart about this particular device is that it can differentiate between a person and an object, and send alerts to your device even if the bell hasn’t been rung. It even works seamlessly with its virtual assistant the Google Assistant – so whether you sync the Nest Hello to your Google Smartphone or Google Nest Smart Speaker, expect your virtual assistant to alert you of someone’s presence before the bell has even rung!

  1. Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

The 2nd generation Ring Video Doorbell is probably one of Ring’s most affordable doorbells and is compatible with the Amazon Alexa. It’s what makes it easier to pull up the video feed onto your smart TV in the case the doorbell rings so you can view whose outside while staying in your seat. Other than that, the video feed is obviously accessible through our smartphones and tablets like all other Smart Devices. The Ring Video Doorbell’s video feed is in HD but also supports night vision to give a better image in the after-dark hours.

Here’s something you may not find with other Smart Doorbells though – privacy zones and audio privacy. The device features motion detection whereby allowing you to view whose there even if the person hasn’t rung the bell; better yet, you can watch them snooping or hear them while they stand at your door without them knowing. This is a great feature especially in the case where you have an unknown visitor at your door. Better to be safe right?

  1. August Doorbell Cam Pro

Another great smart doorbell compatible with Voice Assistants, mainly Alexa. The August Doorbell may not have a wide-angle view like the other smart doorbell options do, but it does have its strong suits. This device boasts an HD camera with a built-in floodlight that is activated as any motion is detected, so that night vision video can be colored too.

Most Smart Doorbells require a separate subscription in order to view the video footage of the previous past hours, but with the August Cam Pro you can store up to 24 hours of free video footage. However, the general idea of unlocking some extra features with smart doorbells is to subscribe to their services. Apart from that, having a smart doorbell that’s compatible with a voice assistant is probably the only coolest feature you would need.


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