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Baby Shower Wishes: What to write in Baby Shower Cards

baby shower is a gathering to commemorate one of life’s most meaningful events: a child’s birth. It’s a great time to tell the expectant mother how much you admire and respect her. And that you want to be a part of their journey as they plan to welcome a new family member by baby shower wishes for baby.

When it comes to writing a baby shower card or baby shower wishes, though, you can experience writer’s block. If that’s the case, let us assist you in finding the baby shower wishes terms you’re looking for. The majority of baby showers are characterized by the sharing of cake and the exchange of gifts.

A baby shower is a way to relax with family and friends while taking a break from a new baby’s preparations and anticipation. Soon, their little bundle of joy will take all of their time! The most exciting part, though, is sending out cards and baby shower messages with baby shower wishes for baby. Any of the most cutest baby shower cards, baby shower messages, and baby shower wishes are included below!

Boy Baby Shower Wishes

baby shower wishes

  1. Many congratulations on the birth of your little prince! Prepare for a variety of toys of various sizes and forms, as well as a variety of surprises.
  2. My, my goodness! We’re excited to meet him. Thank you for inviting us to meet you to celebrate your baby shower.
  3. We wish you had your mother’s grin and your father’s sense of humor — much love, little man.
  4. You’ve given birth to a wonderful little boy with the sweetest nose and the most adorable smile. He seems to have mommy’s beautiful eyes, and he’s got a lot of styles!

Girl Baby Shower Wishes

Baby Shower Messages


  1. The newest part of the family will be a bundle of joy bundled in pink. We couldn’t be more delighted for you! Congratulations!
  2. There are booties and bonnets everywhere, as well as ribbons and lace and little plush animals. Congratulations on your lovely daughter.
  3. Best wishes to your little princess! We’re confident she’ll get you happiness and love.
  4. I’m looking forward to meeting this princess, seeing her grow up, and showering her with affection.

Twins Baby Shower Messages

Twins Baby Shower Messages

  1. First and foremost, congratulations! And once more, congratulations!
  2. Congratulate yourself for your double whammy!
  3. If there’s one thing that’s more special than a new baby, it has two new kids!
  4. It’s not uncommon for miracles to occur in pairs!

Mom’s Baby Shower Wishes

  1. A fantastic journey is about to begin. I wish you a smooth delivery.
  2. A pregnant woman has a lovely dream. Such beautiful plans and a never-ending passion.
  3. I hope you the best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of your child. Wishing you both an excellent baby shower!
  4. With the new baby on the way, may hope, passion, excitement, knowledge, bliss, and stamina fill your home. Congratulations on your achievement!
  5. Plenty of heartfelt greetings and huge kisses are on their way! We’re ecstatic about your growing family and wish you all the best for your upcoming baby.
  6. Sending you warm wishes as you plan to welcome new addition to your family.
  7. You’re a superhero to me, but you’re their whole life to the little one — much love in the coming months.
  8. You’re giving the world a new lease on life. You’re working on a miracle. You’re about to become a mother. Congratulations and best wishes for the baby shower!

Healthy Baby Shower Messages

  1. An exciting journey is about to begin. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a safe delivery!
  2. I’m hoping for a healthy and happy birth for you and the baby.
  3. Expecting you a stable and gorgeous baby as well as a comfortable and quick delivery.

Adorable & Cute Baby Shower Wishes

baby shower wishes

  1. Recognize your good fortune as parents. When you look into your newborn’s eyes, smile. Enjoy the joy of raising a baby and be grateful for your life’s most fabulous prize. I wish you two (almost three) the best of luck.
  2. A new baby strengthens passion, shortens days, lengthens hours, reduces savings, and keeps homes happy.
  3. Many congrats! Wishing you an infinite supply of affection and patience as you embark on your new job as super parents!
  4. Once you’ve put on the pampers, don’t forget to pamper yourself a bit.
  5. It’s incredible how a little thing can take up so much room in our hearts. Congratulations on the new addition to the family.
  6. I’m delighted to be a member of the next adventure. I’m looking forward to meeting your little one. Congratulations on your achievement!
  7. May you be able to reach out and meet dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies, and converse with the moon. May you be surrounded by people who love you and have gracious hearts. Little one, welcome to the world; it has been waiting for you.
  8. What a joy you are, precious one, so little, so sweet, dancing in on Angel’s foot, straight from heaven’s brightest star.
  9. Sleepless nights are well worth it when you have a little one. The most incredible night lights are their vivid eyes and sparkling souls.
  10. They’re dubbed “little bundles of joy” by others. They’re even diapers, tantrums, and sleep deprivation in a little package! It’s a good thing they’re both tiny packages of joy. Congratulations on finding the love of your life.
  11. In our hearts, the smallest feet leave the largest footprints. Take pleasure in this passion.
  12. Inventive+ phrasing If it’s a boy or a child, I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
  13. The house will soon be overrun with toys, and there will be no peace. You’ll be exhausted, and your place will be a mess most of the time. Joy and laughter, on the other hand, will still be there. Best wishes and many fond memories.

Baby Shower Messages & Wishes for Baby

  1. Best wishes and congratulations on the impending birth of your little one.
  2. Congratulations on the delivery of your child! I’m ecstatic for you both; you’ll make fantastic parents.
  3. Have an excellent baby shower. Best of luck on your newest and most exciting journey.
  4. Hurray, hurray, hurray! You two are going to be fantastic parents. Congratulations on your achievement!
  5. Wishing your new baby fitness, happiness, and lots of sleep.

Funny Baby Shower Messages

  1. A new baby in the house is a prime example of minority law. Take pleasure in your new lord.
  2. Becoming a mother is a piece of cake. That is, Jurassic Park.
  3. I wish you all the best with your new baby, whether it’s a girl or a child!
  4. Many congrats! Allow the commotion to begin!
  5. Take advantage of this beautiful and thrilling baby shower, as it will be the last for a long time.
  6. Hitting the bottle will have a wholly different significance now.
  7. I’m excited to read everything there is to know about your new baby on social media.
  8. Children whine, scream, eat all of your food, and hold you awake all night. Don’t worry; that applies to the first 18 years of your life…
  9. Parenthood is the scariest hood you’ll ever experience.
  10. The little angel has arrived, and everyone is cheering. She is both a princess and a warrior in one person.
  11. Welcome to parenthood, where going to the grocery store alone has become a holiday.
  12. Don’t forget about this baby shower; it’ll be one of the few you get to celebrate in peace!


That concludes our impressive series of baby shower wishes. When writing baby shower notes, remember the unwritten rule: the message should be uplifting to the mom-to-be when wishing peace, love, and success to the future bundle of joy.


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