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20 Best Drugstore Contour Kits

There are so many talks about the best drugstore highlighter for contouring those days – it’s difficult to avoid this beauty trend. I can’t refuse that I love an exact, perfect contour every once in temporarily, nothing too mad. I ultimately like to map out the highlights and shadows of my appearance while improving them. Whether you’re an exceptional contour-err or are high on the ‘Kim Kardashian-Esque’ form style on the daily, I tried and examined some drugstore contour kits and picked up the best for you. Sculpt your look like a pro on a budget contouring kit drugstore.

The right contour kit can not only perform your best features pop; it can support disguise any observed imperfections while providing you to play with your makeup method. Getting the best drugstore contour kit for your makeup bag suggests reading reviews, studying product opinions, and diving into the ins and outs of possible hues and specifications. With the right contour kit, contouring and highlighting your best points can be a fast, over-and-done with the task and best drugstore makeup for everyone.

Best Drugstore Makeup for Contouring and Highlighting

We analyzed dozens of contouring best drugstore makeup for the best of the most suitable, how well they worked in wear tests, cost, and other factors. We narrowed our search down to 20 of the top-rated contouring kit drugstore makeup fans can purchase to guarantee a smooth and stylish look. To complete your contouring makeup drugstore selection, check out our list of the contouring makeup drugstore.

20 Best Drugstore Contour Kits qualities

  1. Blends like a fantasy
  2. Looks very simple
  3. Super pigmented
  4. Simple to apply
  5. Excellent shade choices
  6. Well pigmented
  7. Impressive highlighter
  8. Travel beneficial packaging
  9. One palette provides you multiple appearances.
  10. Oil-free including fragrance-free
  11. Blends excellently
  12. Lightweight
  13. Natural-looking
  14. Looks very simple
  15. Suitable packaging
  16. Paraben-free plus Gluten-free
  17. Hypoallergenic
  18. Cruelty-free
  19. Leaves you with a natural finish
  20. Great staying strength
  21. Appears not to feel drying on the skin
  22. Comes with a different brush

20 Best Drugstore Contour and Best Drugstore Highlighter for Contouring

Here are the best drugstore makeup for contouring and highlighting kits. Try these best drugstore contour for fair skin and contouring makeup drugstore.

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Rimmel Kate Sculpting Cosmetic Set-best drugstore contour


This entirely flattering blush, contour, and the highlight is a favorite pick amongst celebrity makeup professionals and is used to prep stars like Rashida Jones and Kristen Stewart. I love its light packaging and how simple it is to apply. It’s possible in three shade options – 01 Golden Sands, 02 Coral Glow, including 03 Golden Bronze. The pigmentation and the texture are both beyond surprising for a below $7 palette. Also, it’s so accessible to throw into your bag and carry it with you when you’re on the move.

This contour palette, with its tone options, has something for all skin tone.

NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette-best drugstore contour


This NYX best drugstore contour palette has to be one of my top preferences. I’ll explain to you why! Let me start with the packaging – this has eight colors to contour and highlight, and every pan pops right out if you require getting any out of the palette. The tones have a crazy quantity of pigmentation, and with a light tap of your brush, you can choose up just the right amount of result for a proper, chiseled contour. Even the lighter shades give up well on my skin! Their texture is amazingly soft and delicious and leaves you with an excellent finish.

That is a powder-based palette, and it’s excellent for all skin conditions with the type of shades it provides. Also, it’s one of the best choices if you’re beginning out with contouring.

CoverGirl TruBlend Contour Palette-contouring kit drugstore


This palette by CoverGirl, created by celebrity makeup specialist Pat McGrath has a set of ultra-blendable methods to highlight, contour, and bronze your appearance. Accessible in two shade choices, these are created for light, medium, and dark skin conditions. I like how this provides me an effortless finish, just the style I want my contour. The bendability is fabulous, and for the price, this is such an excellent best.

These colors are cream-based, and one of the shade choices will suit your skin tone with comfort. Like I said, whether you have light, medium, or dark skin color, there’s something for everyone.

e.l.f. Contour Palette-contouring kit drugstore


This affordable contour kit seems incredibly classy with its minimum packaging. The pans can be excluded and replaced, which makes it very customizable if you have other e.l.f products. The colors have rich pigmentation, and they glide smoothly onto your skin. Make sure you apply a small brush to choose up the product to avoid wastage.

That will accommodate all skin tones and is a fabulous contour kit for beginners.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Contour-contouring kit drugstore


Celebrity makeup expert Monika Blunder, who has a dazzling customer list that includes Amanda Seyfried, Molly Sims, and Chelsea Handler, likes this palette to make clients “red-carpet ready”! This powder trio best drugstore contour palette has three impressive matte shades and is excellent for daily use as it gives a detailed, natural-looking contour. For minimum makeup fans, this palette will be your real grail. The packaging is slightly annoying as the lid starts up awkwardly, but besides that, every perspective of this contour kit is worth wandering.

That will accommodate all skin tones and skin sorts, even those with really delicate skin could give this a try.

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro Contour Palette


If you’re watching for a cool-toned contour powder, that is it. The highlighter in this kit also appears to be a gem! Both the contour and highlighter are very easy to blend, and the constant power is decent with an expected time of 5-6 hours before they begin to fade lightly, but this also depends upon your skin kind. If you need a natural-looking, matte finish contour, do decide this out.

That will suit the most incredible skin tones and is surprisingly easy to use.

Pixi Highlight and Contour Palette- best drugstore contour palette


This palette includes three highlight and three contour shades to perform realistic shadows to recede features and add intensity. The shades glide onto the skin quickly, and many of them have a creamy feeling. This best drugstore contour palette can also be done as eyeshadows besides for contouring and bronzing. This is the best drugstore highlighter for contouring.

Since the color scheme tends towards the warmer color, these aren’t approved for pale or dry skin conditions.

Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Contour Kit


Maybelline palette appears in two shades of light medium and dark medium. I especially liked its packaging, and the colors are soft and textured powders with a matte surface. The bendability is fabulous, and it gives you a detailed contour that’s great for work or regular wear. The blush, highlighter, and contour have significant longevity and stay on the face for a reliable 6-7 hours. A setting spray improves longevity.

This kit would accommodate most skin tones, and if you have delicate skin, you could rely on it to not break you out or cause any sensitivity to your skin.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette


This palette has a set of very pigmented and blendable colors that don’t seem too over the top. You have a set of eight colors to work with, and there’s a minimum to no fall out with the most fabulous shades. Its packaging is black and sleek with a thoughtful plastic case and a big mirror inside, which looks like a high-end kit. That is an outstanding budget option.

It would look fabulous on most skin colors and is one of the perfect contouring palettes for beginners.

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette- best drugstore contour palette


This contour kit appears in a magnetized cardboard pack – It’s sleek, lightweight, and comfortable. It consists of three round pans – for contouring, bronzing, including highlighting. The texture is soft and blends like a fantasy. It lasts for longer than 6 hours, even on my combination skin, which is a miracle.

It’s excellent for all skin tones and is super simple to use.

Wet N’ Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette- best drugstore contour for fair skin


I feel this is such an underrated contouring kit, and more people should genuinely give this a try. Let me explain to you why? It’s a numerous dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It presents you with a subtle, natural-looking shape. Nothing too hard! The duo consists of absolutely equal contouring powders that are highly pigmented and buttery. I also enjoyed the constant power.

Overall, this is one of the typically affordable drugstore contour kits. It would suit many skin tones and is an excellent choice if you’re only beginning out with contouring and highlighting. This is the best drugstore highlighter for contouring.

Nuance by Salma Hayek Flawless Finish Contour and Illuminate Duo- best drugstore contour for fair skin


This palette by Hollywood’s Salma Hayek is pretty marvelous. It represents your best features with much comfort and is so lightweight. Once you use the sheer, buildable method, you can’t even tell if it’s there. I love the pearl-infused finest illuminator. This palette provides your original sheen to shine through without becoming a full face of makeup.

It would look excellent on all skin tones, contouring and highlighting, and contouring makeup drugstore if you’re going for a fresh, flawless, simple look, this one’s a must-try.

Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit- best drugstore contour palette


Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit is the most suitable contour kit for newcomers, as it becomes complete with a range of three powders to support some clarity to your face makeup method for a glowing, sculpted appearance. This kit also introduces a handy angled brush for the rest of the application, which implies you don’t have to make a separate purchase or hunt for just the right accessory.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Cream Kit


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Cream Kit landed a place spot on our experience because it has some and less favorable reviews than our top pick. It appears complete with six cream hues to sculpt and explain your features.

Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit-contouring kit drugstore


The Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit is an excellent choice for expert quality use and arrives complete with four separate colors for contouring & surrounding bone structure. As a combined bonus, they double as beautiful eye shadows. There are two shades of the kit to collect from based on skin tone; Fair to Light plus Medium to Dark.

Maybelline Makeup Facestudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick


This stick contour highlights a creamy method that is easy to use best drugstore contour for fair skin, with a choice of two sides for ease of use.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Triceratops Multi-Face Palette


The traditional matte end of most other contouring kits, this palette highlights three shimmery colors to let you know your glow.



This contouring duo features a coordinating highlighter and best drugstore contour for fair skin color and possesses a highly blendable method for a perfect finish. This is Accessible in a choice of five different shades. This is the best drugstore highlighter for contouring.

Boulevard Professional 15 Colour Concealer Palette


This expert palette becomes complete with 15 customizable highlighting and contouring colors to help your contouring and highlighting your best features. This is suitable for all skin colors and skin types. This is an intensely pigmented cream method. This is the best drugstore highlighter for contouring.

Cover FX Contour Kit


This contour kit involves four added pans that blend seamlessly for an amazingly natural look. This is the best drugstore contouring and highlighting. This contouring duo features a coordinating highlighter and best drugstore contour for fair skin color and possesses a highly blendable method for a perfect finish.

What Is the Best Product to Use for Contouring? 

Our preferred product is the Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.

In all, the contour palette highlights many colors. That includes lighter tones for highlighting and dark tones for contouring and highlighting.

How Do You Use contouring makeup drugstore to Contour Your Face? 

You can use drugstore contouring kits the simple way that you’d apply any other contour kit. Contouring is the method of using a shade darker than your skin tone to produce the illusion of darkness contouring and highlighting.

Does Cream or Powder Contour Better? Is the best drugstore makeup for everyone?

The cream is easy to combine into your skin. Thanks to the process, they “melt,” making them simple to use – you almost don’t require a brush.

The powder is also simple to blend not only into your skin with other powdered tones. That performs it easy to find the excellent tone and create a complete, natural contoured appearance.

How To Select The Best Drugstore Contour Kit? – Quick Tips

Now that you should consider some solid drugstore choices to pick out a contouring palette, let me provide you a few tips on picking the right shades for contouring. The right contour kit, contouring and highlighting your best points can be a fast, over-and-done with the task and best drugstore makeup for everyone.

  1. Pick a base – powder or cream. It’s continuously recommended to start with a powder base as this provides you more control over your way. You can always move on to the cream-based stuff later.
  2. Invest in high point brushes. That is the latest game-changer because using covers that blend well is necessary for the whole process of contouring. Learn, blending is key to perfect contouring.
  3. Test out different colors until you get a shade that goes best for your skin condition. Apply a highlighter that is about two tones lighter than your foundation and a shadow that is two tones darker.
  4. Add a pop of blush to the apples of your faces to soften your contoured appearance.
  5. It’s sufficient to avoid warm-toned (orange/golden) results. You’re trying to produce the illusion of obscurations on your face to lift and set it. Look for cool ashy-toned results.
  6. Do not try to create out and contour your face with something shimmery – this will resemble messy, unnatural, and especially cringe-worthy. Always, always apply a matte product.


Are you ready to present yourself to a pro-grade contouring makeup drugstore and see what the excitement is all about? The right contour kit, contouring and highlighting your best points can be a fast, over-and-done with the task and best drugstore makeup for everyone.

That was my collection of the best drugstore contour kits. They are so easy to use that even newbies can quickly master the skill. Also, you don’t have to pay a fortune for a little clarification on your appearance.


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