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What is Depression, Signs and Treatment of Depression

Depression invigorates into the subconscious part of the mind due to obvious reasons. Major includes feeling inferior, a failure in life, or the neglecting attitude of the immediate family and close friend circle. In most cases, the neglecting attitude is the most critical factor. Although the disease is primarily associated with the mind once the mind capitulates, it grasps the other body parts, including the vital organs.

Clinical Depression


Although Clinical depression, medical science terms it a disability or a disease, I would say it is a mindset? If Clinical depression, remains in inertia, it could hijack our thought process into all sorts of negativity. Clinical depression is so sinister that the affected person finds no logical reason for his existence.

Now without wasting words and space to premise too much on ” what aspect,” one should describe the cause and treatment.

Depression Symptoms

Humans are the slave of their thoughts. Getting loose from the confinement of the enemy is easy. But once some inferiority complex, past guilt, or a life failure infringe into the subconscious mind, it cannot be removed out without a process. To be very precise without the support of love once.

I have ever seen a parrot who develops a habit of feather plucking? It does so due to the Depression. The only way out for the parrot is the kind attention of the owner. It needs the proper attention of the handler to break the shackle of Depression.

We, the sapiens, are the social animal by nature. More social then apes and vertebrates since existence. When a human goes in depression, it means not only he is a cutout from the society but from nature at large.

We profoundly claim that we have evolved ourselves as a mighty power of this universe. We think that we have acquired technology and in this ways more welcome to depression, and on its injunction, we can achieve anything. Factually we are subservient to the technology, in fact, a victim to it. In my opinion today, the advent of technology has facilitated the mankind to a great deal, but also it has ruined our lives. I believe the mobile gadgets, the computer, and the LEDs are the biggest cause of Depression.

Different Types of Depression

  1. Great Depression
  2. Clinical Depression
  3. Postpartum Depression
  4. Manic Depression
  5. Bipolar Depression
  6. Seasonal Depression
  7. Tropical Depression
  8. Severe Depression
  9. Reddit Depression
  10. Chronic Depression

Signs of Depression

The main cause of Depression is labeling oneself as inferior and different from the rest of the world. In other words, the signs of depression force it’s victim to corner his life from the others. It is also pertinent to. Mention that Depression cast his spell in isolation. So the Depression is the symptom, and focus should be weighted to the causes. Right?

Unlike other diseases, the signs of depression roots are pervasive. Even the medical experts and scientists are divided to exactly describe the contour of this disease. However, all are unanimous that it is a hazardous disease.

Let’s start with the basic one. The genetic aspect. Yes. Certain families are labeled to have this menace in their genes. We have often met with the people who are the victim of this disease due to inheritance. Nothing much can be done except counseling and bestow them with a good company.

People having low self-esteem or introvert by nature are vulnerable to Depression. The best remedy to win the battle against this disease is ” speak up” and shed away your load that has suppressed your mind.

Children born introverts or like to live a recluse life are the most susceptible to it. The parents need to keep an eye on them. If any of the behavior they observed in their children take it seriously. It has also been found that such children are easy to handle at the inception level. But if remain unattended it becomes a real problem—even the problem for life.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety
Mostly victim of Depression and anxiety is the old age people. When they culminate in their professional lives, senior citizens lost their physical and mental activities. In this circumstance in depression and anxiety, they need love, affection, and care from their spouse, children, or grandchildren. The words come when neither they have spouse nor the blessing of children being the reason they are working in far-flung along with their spouse and children.

Symptoms of Depression

The general Symptoms of Depression include loss of precious things, a close relative, friend. Most people also go into Symptoms depression when they suffered or attached by a life-threatening disease. Change of environment also plays its part. Most people who are well acclimatized to their native places have to move. They become depressed.

Now I would come to describe a new Symptom of Depression. I would call it a technological depression. One thing the globalization has done it has made the international borders ineffective in most cases. At least the information has got the wings. Globalization is a good thing. But besides too many “goody” and removing borders, it has barred the actual relations.

We are married to our spouse, but we intrigued by our mobile. I would call it a gadget spouse. We have no time for the children, but we are always available on WhatsApp and Facebook. Our gadgetry relatives are more updated than our real ones. Socializing is good even in business, social capital is as an asset, but at what cost—the cost of the blood. We are nullifying the real assets over ceremonial ones.

Manic Depression

Manic Depression
The last few paragraphs might be looking out of the context, but they are not. Going to a wedding party, both husband and wife were sitting together and mobile in hand. We are so busy in our gadgetry world that we don’t have time to share things with our true well-wishers. This is how manic depression is spreading like a pandemic.

Role of Media and News Channels in Depression in Pandemic

No, let’s talk of media what news channels are reporting. Chaos and catastrophe. The total victim of terrorism are maybe .0.5 or lesser, but we have made it a giant. Ever wonder why every news starts with the bad because our mindset has been redesigned to do so. The way the world media portrays the corona virus shows that it’s the deadliest thing in the world. However, the actual death rates tell a different story.

So is it treatable? I would say yes. First and foremost, better to prevent it, don’t spare oneself to cure. Be proactive. Detect the victim and break his isolation.

Keep the family physically intact to stay away from Manic depression. One can share notes on social media, but physical interaction is a must. Scientifically manic Depression is a necessity. We have different space levels for love once, friends to whom we know, and strangers. The best solution to cure this disease is a tight hug and give the victim his words and voices.


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