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Top 22 Keto Frozen Meals You Can Buy At Target in 2021

The word “frozen dinner” and keto frozen meals possibly conjure up memories of bland food sliced into plastic containers and served lukewarm in front of the TV if you grew up in the 80s or 90s. Some are also filled with high levels of added ingredients such as sugar, sodium, and artificial flavours, even though keto frozen meals have come a long way since the TV dinner days. But they’re not ALL bad, and if you follow a diet that usually needs a lot of meal planning (cough, keto, cough), keto frozen meals can be a godsend for crazy weeks when fast and best low carb frozen meals is required. “Research shows that keto frozen meals can enhance insulin resistance and encourage weight loss, but the main reason this diet fails is that long-term adherence is difficult.

“By creating it easier to stay on track, especially on those busy days when you just don’t have time to prepare, frozen meals that fit your keto diet can help with compliance,” says Palinski-Wade. Frozen meals mean keto microwave meals.

We discuss top best 22 keto frozen meals and best low carb frozen meals in 2021

How to pick keto frozen meals 

low carbs keto

Surprise, surprise: not all keto frozen meals are equal in production. Palinski-Wade notes that you should look for ones that are as low in carbs as possible for keto frozen meals to blend into your keto diet (e.g., less than 10 grams of net carbs). Look for little to no added sugar, unsaturated dietary fat, and sodium that is less than 30 per cent of the daily value. Lastly, note the golden rule: it doesn’t make it safe just because it is called “keto.” Palinski-Wade says, “Focus on meals containing ‘clean’ keto ingredients such as plant-based fats and lean proteins over ‘dirty’ keto ingredients, such as bacon and pork rinds, are rich in sodium and saturated fat.”

Here are the top 22 keto frozen meals and keto frozen dinners choices keto-friendly, recommended by dietitians and available at grocery stores such as Target, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and Whole Foods. When meal prepping is just not going to happen, these meals will not derail your diet, and they are probably available at a place near you. Frozen meals mean keto microwave meals.

Grilled Chicken & Alfredo Broccoli -keto frozen meals

low carbs keto

Palinski-Wade likes the Healthier Option brand of steamed meals because, like this chicken and broccoli alfredo meal, an ultra-creamy way to get a big protein boost of 27 grammes, a few variations are low enough in carbs to blend well into the keto lifestyle.

Superfood Combines Frozen Veggie Cakes for Garden Lites -keto frozen meals

keto frozen meals

You are having difficulty eating enough vegetables which are keto-compliant? Look no further than these veggie cookies filled with broccoli, cauliflower, and kale superfood vegetables and best low carb frozen meals. “For a low carb, plant-based keto meal, you can easily microwave these product-packed ‘cakes’ and enjoy them as a keto-friendly snack or paired with a Morning Star Farms Grillers Original burger,” Palinski-Wade suggests.

Initial Veggie Burger from Morning Star Farms Grillers -keto frozen meals- Best for keto frozen dinners

keto frozen meals

 Speaking of veggie burgers, the Morning Star brand is a lean, mean way to cross both proteins and produce off your list. They are a right freezer must-have, with just four grammes of net carbs and 16 grammes of protein.

Quest Four-Cheese Frozen Thin Crust Pizza Nutrition -keto frozen meals- low carb frozen meals

keto frozen meals

Just six carbs and a whopping 27 grammes of protein make up one serving (one half of the ‘za) of this thin-crust delight. It’s a little high on the sodium percentage but skates close to the less-than-30-per cent guideline of Palinski-Wade. If you know that you’re going to have dinner with pizza, keep your sodium down for the rest of the day, then prepare a side salad with a keto-friendly dressing and enjoy it.

Enchiladas chicken -keto frozen meals- low carb frozen meals

keto frozen meals

Gluten-free tortillas make these low-carb enchiladas perfect for lunch or dinner. There are 20 grammes of protein thanks to the chicken, and they’re not going to max you out on sugar or saturated fat, either.

Earth’s Best Mini Beef Meatballs Baked – keto frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

These low-carb meatballs are theoretically sold to children with antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, but we won’t tell if you won’t (and you’ll be too busy stuffing your face with these small numbers filled with protein to say anything).

Alaskan Keta Salmon Fillets Frozen – keto frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

Forget the low-carb-and no-carb-how? Salmon is a hearty fish that suits a lot of keto-friendly meals well, and these best low carb frozen meals fillets make it super comfortable without all the carbs to whip up a meal rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Rainbow Trout with Verde Salsa – keto frozen meals -Best for keto frozen dinners

keto frozen dinners

Vitamin B and protein (23 grammes!) are high in this sustainably sourced trout, but it just nets you out with a couple of carbs. The salsa verde dinner by kale and herbs is not going to leave you looking for taste, either.

Tandoor Chef Chicken Tandoori with Spinach- low carb frozen meals -keto frozen meals

keto frozen meals

In the atmosphere of an adventurous meal? Without overloading carbs, this medium-hot Indian dish filled with vitamin-rich spinach and protein-heavy chicken can satisfy your cravings, which ensures that you have enough to spare for a dollop of keto-approved sour cream, too. Frozen keto meals best for the keto diet.

Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken – keto frozen meals-Best for keto frozen dinners

keto frozen dinners

One of the best aspects of keto is that you don’t have to give up cheese, do you? In that chicken cordon bleu (hello Swiss and Monterey jack), there is no lack of the right things, not to mention an extra protein boost from the ham stuffed inside the chicken breast, all for six net carbs per serving.

Barramundi with Sriracha Chutney’s Mango-Best for keto frozen dinners 

keto frozen dinners

Are you a fan of fish? Palinski-Wade says these frozen fillets can be baked or grilled for a low-carb meal that pairs well with a garden salad or steamed vegetables. Also, these fillets are a decent source of lean protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and you’ll fall in love with the sweet and spicy tropical chutney.

Applegate Natural Chicken & Maple Breakfast Sausage, Frozen-Best for keto frozen dinners 

keto frozen dinners

“The sausage is keto-friendly, but can be loaded with sodium and saturated fat,” Palinski-Wade says. “With less saturated fat, these frozen chicken sausages are just as low in carbohydrates.” She recommends mixing them with scrambled eggs or slicing them to be added into a stir fry or other favourite dishes to ease your meal prep.

Mushroom Chicken Shiitake-Best for keto frozen dinners 

keto frozen dinners

Does your life need some umami? With their shiitake mushroom chicken dinner, which ensures a creamy, earthy flavour without any carb overload, TJ’s have you covered. This one is rich in protein too, but low in sugar and saturated fat. Frozen keto meals best for the keto diet.

It would help if you combined this stuffed chicken breast with another low-carb side for a filling meal at just five net carbs per portion. Plus, it’s got broccoli, so you’re still eating extra vegetables. Here, you can’t go wrong. Frozen keto meals best for the keto diet.

Pesto & Vegetables for Grilled Chicken – keto-friendly frozen meals-Best for keto frozen dinners

keto frozen meals


If your biggest frozen food concern is that they’re too bland, you’ll be transformed by a taste of the basil-pesto cream sauce in this chicken and veggie dish. It’s also filled with veggies rich in fibre, so it’s a win-win all around. Frozen keto meals best for the keto diet.

Comfort Steak Portabella by Lean Cuisine® – keto-friendly frozen meals

keto frozen meals

Need food fix for comfort? Run out and buy the steak portabella meal from Lean Cuisine, which is not only rich and savoury but also has a keto-friendly diet label: eight net carbs, 18 grammes of protein, and only two grammes of sugar and saturated fat. Frozen keto meals best for the keto diet.

Stir Fry for Chicken & Vegetable – keto-friendly frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

Yeah, stir fry is a frozen meal favourite. Still, there’s nothing bland about this version with five different, colourful veggies and enough lean protein to reach 40 per cent of your daily recommended intake (no simple target on the protein-high keto diet).

Pizza with Cauliflower Crust Veggie 10 – keto-friendly frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

Let keto dieters eat pizza for dinner (or lunch, breakfast, no judgment), all hail cauliflower crust. This crust is entirely grain-free, so no added rice flour or cornstarch, and the topping is packed with vegetables, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. You can devour it with just six net carbs per serving alongside a serving of grilled chicken or lean sausage.

Premium Salmon Burgers by Trader Joe’s- keto-friendly frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

You don’t have to entirely deliver up on salmon if a salmon fillet is not just your thing. A pan-fried salmon burger served up a bed of kale makes a delicious protein-rich meal that you will repeatedly come back to (especially when you know that there are only three net carbs per burger).

Crab Cakes from Trader Joe’s- keto-friendly frozen meals 

keto frozen dinners

Honestly? We still don’t fully believe that there are even these crab cakes. They have just three net carbs and zero saturated fat, but 13 whole grammes of protein. And that’s only for one, so you can eat both crab cakes and fulfil your low-carb goals still.

Trader Joe’s Shrimp Stir Fry Shrimp Fry  keto-friendly frozen meals

keto frozen dinners

Did you have a frying pan? Then you’re going to have no trouble cooking up this Trader Joe’s light dinner, with protein-rich shrimp and what Palinski-Wade calls a “generous vegetable serving.” It’s also essential in omega-3 fatty acids but deep in both carbs and saturated fat.

Trader Joe’s Paneer Palak- keto-friendly frozen meals 

keto frozen dinners

Spinach and cheese with just four net carbs and 11 grammes of protein? Please, and thank you, sign us up for a keto- and vegetarian-friendly dinner. Frozen meals mean keto microwave meals.


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