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11 Hidden Realities About The Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie

Despite Ygritte’s reasonably short time on Game of Thrones, there is no question that she made her mark on followers of the program.

As any Game of Thrones fan should currently know, the collection included a limitless checklist of intriguing personalities that occurred before also long. For instance, Rose Leslie’s character Ygritte debuted in the show’s 2nd season before fulfilling her unfortunate demise in the 4th. Regardless of Ygritte’s reasonably short time on the game of Thrones, there is no doubt that she made her mark on the program’s fans.


Still best known for her game of Thrones role, Rose Leslie’s profession is still going strong, and she reveals no indications of slowing down like a star. We would certainly argue that she is a fascinating enough star that we should all find out more concerning her since we assume she will remain in the limelight for years to come. Keeping that in mind, it is time to get to this listing of 15 lesser-known realities concerning Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie

1. Rose Leslie has Natural Skill

Rose Leslie

Before Rose Leslie started to plan for her Game of Thrones function, she had never even got a weapon. Despite that, Rose would’ve made Ygritte proud as she came to be good at archery swiftly. As a matter of fact, Rose supposedly struck the target and then split her arrowhead with another during her first archery training session.

2. Rose Leslie is a bit Old-fashioned

Rose Leslie


When Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington initially started dating, they wished to maintain it peacefully, and he also rejected they were a pair during greater than one interview. On the various other ends of the spectrum, when they got married, they went old-fashioned by placing a statement in The Times.

3. Family members and Rose Leslie Home

rose lesile

As we touched on previously in this list, Rose Leslie’s household has links to numerous noteworthy figures. With that said in mind, it shouldn’t be any kind of shock that Leslie’s family member’s Home is exceptionally outstanding. Brought up in her ancestral household residence of 500 years, Rose can brag that she stayed in Scotland’s Lickleyhead Castle.

4. Rose Leslie Red Hair

Rose Leslie


During an interview, Rose Leslie exposed that when she was a kid, her fellow students “teased” her due to her reddish tone hair. Taking it all in pace, she made it clear that she ‘d “never claim it was bullying,” which she feels going teased made her “more powerful.”

These all success Rose Leslie has appreciated as a starlet. It may look like she was birthed to do for the electronic cameras. Nonetheless, at a young age, Rose had other strategies. As a massive follower of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Rose noticed she also had red hair and also chose she wanted to be a mermaid. Funnily sufficient, she likewise felt slightly extra connected to Ariel since Rose’s dad’s name is Sebastian.

5. Rose Leslie Accent Blend

Rose Leslie

Provided Rose Leslie’s family tree, which we will certainly discuss later on in this checklist, we have every factor to think that she boasts of her homeland, Scotland. Regardless of that, it ends up that Rose handled to shed her Scottish accent after years of going to college in the English area Somerset.

6. Guttural Reaction of Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie

In the 2016 interview with The Telegraph, Rose Leslie revealed something strange concerning herself. She doesn’t, such as cloth. When it comes to why that info came out, the recruiter rested on a sofa with a velvet pillow on it, which motivated Rose to bring it up. In addition to that, according to what the recruiter wrote in her write-up, she can see Rose “really tremble” when the pillow was brushed.

7. Multi-Lingual

Rose Leslie

Since Rose Leslie’s mother desired her youngsters to be cultured, she decided to move the family to a town just outside of Paris, where they lived for three years. Thankfully, when she moved to France at the age of 10, French swiftly attracted Rose, which allowed her to become well-versed in the language.

Since Rose Leslie is a popular star, there is no doubt that she stands apart in essentially every crowd. Remarkably enough, intending to do just that is a big part of the reason that she ended up being a star in the first place. After all, Rose is the middle of 5 siblings, and she informed The Telegraph that “from a young age, (she) wanted to differentiate (her) self from (her) older brother or sisters.”

8. Rose Leslie Pedigree

Rose Leslie

Born in Scotland in 1987, from the moment Rose Leslie went into the globe, she had the family tree fairly to measure up to. After all, Rose’s papa has the official title “the Aberdeenshire Chieftain of Clan Leslie.” If that weren’t impressive sufficient, Rose’s mother is a descendant of King Charles II and Frederick Weld, the sixth Head Of State of New Zealand.

Over Hollywood history, there are plenty of instances of stars discovering numerous skills to portray them before electronic cameras. For instance, Rose Leslie’s time starring in Game of Thrones led to her getting a new enthusiasm, climbing a rock. Motivated by filming the scenes in which her character climbed the wall surface, Rose currently delights in the sport in her personal life.

9. Rose Leslie with a Huge Debut

Rose Leslie

Before Rose Leslie came to be a celebrity of the big as well as little screen, she found work in an additional location of the show business. Employed to narrate The British Slave Trade: Abolition, Parliament, and Individuals for BBC Radio, Rose took the task while she went to the London Academy of Music and also Significant Art.

10. Rose Leslie GOT Prank

Rose Leslie

Even though the game of Thrones certainly had its amusing minutes, nobody thinks of the program as a comedy. Naturally, even if the program could be rather serious does not suggest that the actors and crew weren’t having a good time behind the scenes. As an example, Game of Thrones’ showrunners learned that Rose fears vocal singing in public, so as a prank, they gave her a phony manuscript in which her character had to sing a solo.

11. Rose Leslie is Award-Worthy

Rose Leslie

As any kind of a fan of the game of Thrones fan currently understands, Rose Leslie is a skilled actor that has captivating onscreen visibility. Nonetheless, the important thing that several followers of Rose’s that live beyond The UK might not understand is that she was currently turning heads previously in her occupation. Nevertheless, she won a Scottish BAFTA for Finest Acting Performance- New Talent for her launching film efficiency in the TELEVISION film New Community.





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