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Prank Websites: 50+ Troll Websites For You In 2021

Looking for any Prank Websites to visit on the internet? Please read this article, in which we have gathered some Prank Websites from the internet. Many of these Prank Websites exist purely for the purpose of mocking and pranking your friends. If you’re not a tech genius but want to impress your colleagues, this is the game for you.

People still get out of bed on April 1st with extra care, aware that they might be subjected to a number of Prank Websites. Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day again. For others, however, this sense of caution is accompanied by a sense of excitement, especially for those who are planning ways to outwit their peers.

And, because trolling has become such a popular term these days, now is the ideal time to start channeling your inner troll and find ways to embarrass, irritate, amuse, or simply annoy your mates by sharing Prank Websites.

Trolling Techniques

Trolling is described as the act of intentionally making a scene on any thread or post by posting an offensive or provocative comment. Trolls often demand angry, emotional responses to their posts, exacerbating an already contentious debate. However, when it comes to defining a troll, this is where things tend to get subjective.

“Some members of Buy Essay Club may believe they are simply making a legitimate statement on a thread, only to discover later that they have been branded as trolls.” This is more likely to happen if you post a comment that doesn’t really agree with the majority of the active people on that forum, leading them to believe you’re intentionally trying to start a debate.

Prank Websites

On the other hand, certain trolls are mistaken for people who are attempting to make a case. Yes, some trolls are so good at what they do that they end up becoming a real devil’s advocate in a debate, rather than someone who is simply trying to make it harder for everybody.

So, April Fools Day seems to have been created specifically for trolls. Regrettably, this isn’t the case.

The Origin of April Fools’ Day

While there are many different stories about the origins of the holiday, one of the most commonly known origins is a declaration made by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. He decreed that the Gregorian calendar be observed, transferring New Year’s Day from the end of March to January 1.

Prank Websites

However, a few people, who may or may not have skipped the message, continued to celebrate New Year’s on April 1st, causing everyone else to call them April Fools. Since then, people have spent April 1st pulling pranks on one another, showing that we all have a silly side. Some even go so far as to create their own software.

50+ Prank Websites For Trolling

Here are a few April Fools’ Prank Websites that you can use to troll your friends:

  • News of The Future – Discover the most anticipated future news!
  • Fartscroll – Do you want to hear fart noises when scrolling? We’ve got your back.
  • Shareonfb – This software helps you to create a fake Facebook status and prank your friends.
  • Shit Express – Give poop in a package to anyone with Shit Express.
  • Shady URL – Don’t just shorten the URL; make it cryptic and scary.
  • Blow Up The Phone.com – Secretly send a huge number of messages or phone calls to your buddies. Choose how many they get and how quickly they get them.
  • Message Bomber.com 100% private, with plenty of variety and entertaining text pranks.
  • WTF Prank Candles – They smell amazing at first, but then… WTF!?
  • JibJab Messages – Make funny animated GIFs and messages with your selfie!
  • CatFacts – Share cat facts with your mates.
  • Nyan It  – Add Nyancats to any connection you send with ease.
  • Prankdial – Use your phone to prank your buddies.
  • Prank Candles – They start out smelling fantastic, but then…
  • Peter Answers – Ask any question and get amusing responses.
  • Send Random Facts.com – At Send Random Facts, you will send cat facts, trump facts, and much more.
  • Shrturl.co – Make changes to every website. Obtain a short URL. Troll your buddies!
  • Hacker Typer – Type as a hacker might.
  •  My Progress Bar – A page that shows a loading message and an update screen for your operating system. If thoroughly screened, this is an excellent way to prank people.
  • Mermur – a service that sends anonymous text messages. There were no answers.
  • Like Creeper – Hit like on a friend’s horrifyingly old Instagram account at random.
  • Black – Software that allows you to make anonymous phone calls.
  • Fake Checkin – Do you want to trick your friends and family into believing you’re at the Super Bowl, Burning Man, or a five-star restaurant? If that’s the case, this is the app for you!
  • Fake Update – Use fake update screens to Prank your friends and coworkers.
  • WhatsFake – Create fake WhatsApp conversations that look real.
  • Shove – Forcefully open a website in the browser of a friend.
  • Sexy Pranky – Prank your mates by sending them naughty gifts.
  • Prank Greeting Cards – Annoy your mates by sending them non-playing greeting cards. When they attempt to break the card, they are met with a friendly surprise.
  • Threads – Make up fake iMessage threads to annoy your mates.
  • Great Big Stuff – Ordinary household products that are huge. Very, really tall.
  • Ship Your Enemies Glitter – Send glitter to those who deserve it.
  • GIF Dance Party – Make a gif dance party and share it.
  • Pug A Day – Give a pal 100 Pug pictures in 100 days.
  • Mailaspud – Mail a potato to anyone.
  • Turn down for webpage – Disable a webpage on every website.
  • Crash Safari – Give the connection to this website to someone and it will crash their PC or mobile browser.
  • Google Terminal – How Google could have appeared in the 1980s.
  • Troll Timer – Use noisy noises to prank your friends and colleagues.
  • Mail a Meme – You should mail a meme to your mates.
  • Memes on Canvas – Stunning canvas prints of famous memes are available for purchase.
  • Joker Greeting Prank – Annoying greeting card that plays music continuously for three hours.
  • Can’t Make It – A flake generator for when you need to make an excuse.
  • Faker – Make practical updates to prank your friends.
  • Squeak Voice Changer – This voice changer can make your friends laugh.
  • How Bad Is Your Spotify? – Your bad musical taste is judged by sophisticated artificial intelligence.
  • CopyCat AI – Immediately swap your face and turn into someone.
  • Revenge by Mail – Send humiliating mail to friends and rivals.
  • Clone Zone – Make fun of your pals.
  • Goat Attack – Use goats to text bomb your rivals.
  • Fart Attack – Make each connection and button fart when clicked or hovered over.
  • Elon’s Extension – A dancing and talking Elon Musk will appear in your window.


These are the best prank links or Prank Websites to give to friends to taunt them with and to assist them in finding these links so that they can prank others. You can troll your mates on hundreds of different Prank Websites.

However, while playing a prank on others, try not to hurt their feelings. My favorite is the Hacker Typer because I enjoy hacking movies and find seeing codes typed on a black and blue screen to be entertaining and refreshing.


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