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30 best 90s Cartoons You Want To Recall Your Memories

The best 90s Cartoons aired between 1990 and 1999 and included Nicktoons, Saturday morning cartoons, Disney happy TV shows, and network animation series aimed at children and adults. With so many fantastic series airing in the early and late 90s Cartoons, it’s no surprise that these are among the best cartoons ever.

These gems may require the use of a DVD or YouTube in some situations, but several of our favorites can be viewed late at night on Teen Nick/recorded beginning at midnight (CatDog, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold! and more). On Nick Reboot, you can watch classic Nickelodeon cartoons at any time, and on Boomerang, you can see Cartoon Network favorites. Check out our other top 90s Cartoons and beyond as well! (Think of the 90s Cartoons Popeye and The Pink Panther.)

The majority of these best ’90s cartoons are aimed at children. Those who grew up watching Rugrats, Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Animaniacs as children spent a lot of time watching them. Few can deny that Dexter’s Laboratory, DuckTales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and TaleSpin is among the best Saturday morning shows ever produced.

Which ‘90s cartoons kept you riveted to the television and made you nostalgic for your childhood? Choose your favorites, re-rank the list to put it in the order you want it, and add any you think we missed.

Check out our 90s Cartoons suggestions below and have fun singing (or humming) along to the theme tunes for each — we’re sure you’re familiar with them! (Some of which, courtesy to overzealous copyright cops, are comically awful renditions). Plus, don’t forget to leave a comment with any more picks, favorites, or experiences.

30 The best 90s Cartoons

Here’s a look back at some 90s Cartoons moments from the past (not in any particular order). Have fun!

  1. Hey Arnold!(1996): Watch it on Hulu
  2. Street Sharks (1994): Watch in on Amazon Prime
  3. Freakazoid! (1995): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  4. TaleSpin (1990): Watch on Disney+
  5. Rocket Power(1999): Watch it on VRV
  6. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters(1994): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  7. The Ren & Stimpy Show(1991): Watch it with NickHits on Amazon
  8. Rocko’s Modern Life(1993): Watch it on Amazon Prime or with NickHits on Amazon
  9. Doug(1991): Watch it on Hulu
  10. Daria(1997): Watch it on Hulu
  11. Rugrats(1991): Watch it on Hulu
  12. CatDog(1998): Watch it with NickHits on Amazon
  13. The Angry Beavers(1997): Watch it on Amazon Prime or with NickHits on Amazon
  14. Johnny Bravo(1997): Watch it on SlingTV
  15. Dexter’s Laboratory(1996): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  16. Ed, Edd n Eddy(1999)
  17. The Powerpuff Girls(1998): Watch it on Hulu
  18. Captain Planet and the Planeteers(1990): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  19. The Wild Thornberrys(1998): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  20. Recess(1997): Watch it on Disney+
  21. Batman: The Animated Series(1992): Watch on DC Universe
  22. Animaniacs(1993): Watch it on Hulu
  23. Darkwing Duck(1991): Watch it on Disney+
  24. KaBlam! (1996)
  25. Pinky and the Brain(1995): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  26. Pepper Ann(1997)
  27. Tiny Toon Adventures (1990): Watch in on Hulu
  28. X-Men (The Animated Series) (1992): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  29. Spider-Man (The Animated Series) (1994): Watch it on Amazon Prime
  30. The Magic School Bus (1994): Watch it on Netflix


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